We are interdisciplinary Wai scientists who examine and apply principles to solve Wai related problems in your building and property related to mechanical systems. As Wai-ologists we take a comprehensive approach encompassing the occurrence, distribution, movement, and properties of the Wai in your building. The result is a preservation and enhancement of your mechanical infrastructure, and WAI itself.


“No other time in the world’s history have we the ability to leverage information and technology like we can today. Through this organizations can best measure and manage the effect their water has on the health of their building, people, and business."

Josh Jackson

Waiologist and Building OPEX Analyst

" ʻōhāwai’s non-chemical water treatment is the best option not only for our environment but for the customer.  This is especially true in Hawaii due to our well above national average cost for water and wastewater."

Justin Kauwale, P.E.

Waiologist and Senior Mechanical Engineer


ʻōhāwai is the leader in water technologies and services. Every day, we help businesses make their wai cleaner, safer and healthier – protecting their property, people, and our vital resources.

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