Did you know that a moderately sized cooling tower, running year-round, will consume nearly 18 million gallons of normally potable water?  This water is traditionally treated with toxic chemicals to prevent the accumulation of scale and biofilm, and to reduce corrosion of expensive capital equipment. Each year, such a system will discharge approximately six million gallons of chemical-laden water to the sanitary sewer.  This water, and the sewer fees, are saved when that discharge is chemical-free and can be permitted to discharge to ground.

Our WAVE non-chemical water treatment controls scale, corrosion and bacterial growth without the addition of any chemicals at all – none.  Substantial savings in water purchase and discharge costs accompany the knowledge that a facility is contributing to overall sustainability practices.



The World Resources Institute estimates that 33 countries will face a water crisis by 2040. Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water related cause. As the problems get more severe, environmentally conscious organizations like ʻōhāwai around the world are turning their attention to how to solve this problem to ensure a healthy future.



The drums of harmful chemicals stored on property sites and pumped into condenser systems are the same harmful chemicals released into our environment, sewage treatment facilities, and drifted on campuses near children. ʻōhāwai wishes to completely eliminate these harmful chemicals from properties.



The scale and bio-film on heat exchangers in properties cause restrictions that require additional energy for pumping. Also this scale and biofilm creates an insulating layer that greatly reduces heat transfer. By removing and preventing this on your heat exchangers you increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and save a significant amount of energy.


ʻōhāwai is the leader in water technologies and services. Every day, we help businesses make their wai cleaner, safer and healthier – protecting their property, people, and our vital resources.

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